Saturday, July 24, 2010

1st Letter from the MTC

Well we dropped McKay off at the MTC on wednesday and by thursday he had received an email from my mom and a letter from me! We only slightly miss him. However today we FINALLY got his first email! Here it is for all of you:
hey mom! i love the MTC! It was really hard the first day, and second but I got it going good now. It almost seems like 4 hours isnt a long enough class! My campion is cool. We have four of us going to edmonton and the rest of our district is going to arizona! You can really feel the spirit here, i love it. Im a little home sick but im doing okay. Thats cool mckall took some shirts. We have learned the first lesson, and im MEMORIZING things just fine. Im so happy its only three week here thou. Heavenly Father loves me cuz there was no way i could do this and a language. Oh by the way i need some info on a shot i dont know if i got or not i'll send the info in a letter to you cuz i dont have it with me at the moment. Hows the family? Are you all good? Its weird all the kids going to my mission have at least one or both parents not active.. I just found the strange. We work right when we wake up till nine thirty at night. I sleep like a baby i dont even remember going to sleep i lay down and close my eyes, and i feel like i sleep for 10 seconds, i wake up and its time to go. Im so happy im serving a mission. Its an emotional roller coaster i'll be down for a little and then i'll be feeling the spirit and going good the next. Each day gets a lot better. I miss you guys so much but i try not to think about it. Its kind of hard for me to even email you guys. Mom your amazing i love you so much. You have done so much for me i dont think i would even be alive without you. Every time i think of you I start crying or smiling, and the same for dad. Dad you are my best friend and you have been such a good example to me. We have one companion that wants to go home, so we all gave him a blessing last night to try and be more happy and not miss home as much. He's doing better today but we need to keep him awake in class! hahaha. I have seen ten people i know from davis and we all gave exciting heys! I saw jordan and it was not as exciting just a quick how are you doing. Well i got to go i love you guys so much say hi to the family for me.

He is so cute!


  1. Yay! I am so glad you are posting all his letters here. You can have them printed into a book at the end of his mission. This was a great idea :) He sounds so good! that first week is a doozy. Oh, I just want another big hug from him. I miss him so much already!!!

  2. Ky-
    You are a dear to have created this fabulous blog! Thanks for sharing it with us.
    McKay sounds so great. I have always admired his ability to perceive his own emotions in relation to the world around him. Its rather unusual and will be a blessing to him and all of us who know him because we can better embrace what he's going through because he describes it well.
    You are a beautiful girl, inside and out, and a loving sister. I admire you so much.