Sunday, August 1, 2010

A New Letter from our Favorite Elder!

hey mom and dad are p-day is on Saturday but when we get to Canada its one Friday. Wow is all i have to say. This week has had its ups and downs. When I came out here I thought it would be easy to learn all I could about our lessons. I thought you just had to memorize them, but I guess you do that plus see where the spirit takes you with it. I was having a hard time with it. You have to meet the investigators needs, by visiting with them for a half hour, and then let the spirit talk through you. So our first real lesson we get in there with these people who are either real or fake investigators, and your being watched by people on camera while you do it. So me and Elder lowe get in there and I'm scared out of my mind. We get to talk to them and really get to know them they were an older couple and were way nice but their questions were crazy. Anyway we talked to them for an hour. The spirit really talked through me. They told us they didn't want much, if anything, to do with our church, but by the time we were done we ended up committing them to be baptized the next month and they accepted. It was crazy! I got all your guys food, it was nice of you. Tasha sent me those cup cakes and I'm going to write her back but if you guys, or she reads this first tell her thanks for sending me 4. Me and my 3 room mates all got one and they all agreed they were the best cup cakes they ever had. It is so weird only knowing these 8 kids in my district for a week and feeling like you have known them your entire life. They really are like brothers to me. We get along so good its crazy! The elder we gave the blessing to is doing so good. He wants to stay and is working his hardest. We also have a guy from Canada in our district. He lived a little ways from where I'm serving. He has the funniest accent I have ever heard and he is so nice. It was weird the sound of his voice and his personality reminds me so much of Landon Simonson. Landon got all his moms Canadian genes haha! but i have to go i love you guys so much!

He is doing so great! It is amazing to see how those boys helped that Elder so much with one simple blessing. They must all have incredible faith! I think it is also great for all those Elders to see what the priesthood can do! We are so proud of our cute little elder! He is amazing!

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