Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nephi was Courageous and This was His Reply...

I don't know why I continue to add new posts to this blog, I guess its just because even though he is home from a 2 year mission he is still serving. With that in mind let me tell you about what I have learned from McKay this week.
McKay is courageous.
He has been unsure as to how to handle all this. The reason being people can not see McKays heart, they only see his outside. For this reason he was scared to go to church on Sunday. He was afraid of confronting the people who he knew. No one fears strangers, yet we all fear the familiar face. Thats odd I think. Anyway this past sunday was fast sunday. As we were sitting down listening we saw McKay rise suddenly to his feet, scriptures in hand walking down the isle. My dad will tell you that he honestly thought he was going to the bathroom. The thought of McKay bearing his testimony was not even crossing his mind. My Mom will say that she of course knew right away what he was going to do. Every member of the audience will tell you that their heart hit their toes as they witnessed the courage of this nineteen year old boy.
McKay stood up in front of the whole ward and said " I just wanted to clear the awkwardness out of the way..." He then continued on to, of course, bear a beautiful testimony.
It was awe inspiring. He didn't just bear his testimony he also showed the world that fear has no hold on his heart. I wish I could be more like McKay in this way. I am always to scared to talk to new people, to be outgoing, to try new things. Yet here is the hardest thing anyone can do, standing up in the face of possible judgment and saying it does not matter.
I know I say it a lot but McKay is truly my hero. In every way I wish I could be more like him. He is like Nephi, or Moroni. He is strong in ways that I cannot even imagine. He is brave to his very core. He is a leader and exemplar to me of all things truly wonderful.
That is what I learned from my most loved brother and Elder this week.

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