Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A New Day

There are so many lessons we can learn from Elders. I know this because I learn new things from an Elder everyday. My Kay Kay is the hardest worker, the most obedient, he is everything an Elder should be. I might be McKays older sister but I learn new things from him everyday. I have realized this last week that life is hard, but we don't have to make it hard. There are different paths that we can all take, there is an easy one and there is a hard one. McKay never takes the easy path. That is my lesson from him this week, We can do the hard things.
Everyday is hard for us all. McKay misses Canada, he wants to be there, but he pushes through the day. He knows that people will not understand, that some will judge wrongly. Yet he keeps on walking. I admire this trait in him, the ability to keep walking when the path is SO hard. I find in myself a tendency to want to stop, to take a break. I think I can't do this, its hard. McKay does not, he pushes, and not only carries himself up the path but he pushes everyone else around him, me included to keep on going.
I realized this today when I took McKay on a run we ran up the trail to a higher neighborhood. WE got to the trail and it was steep, I didnt want to make it. It was so hard, my legs were on fire! All I needed was a break. I told McKay to go ahead to let me stop, but he wouldn't. He then stopped and went behind me and every time I went to stop he pushed me literally. He encouraged me to keep on going. I ran up that hill today. The path was hard, but I made it because my Kay Kay stood behind me and pushed me. He leaves no one behind literally and spiritually. A silly story I know but it means something to me. That is how my McKay works. He keeps going even when the path is hard.
Life is hard but we don't have to stop, we can and must keep on walking. That is my Lesson Learned from an Elder today.

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  1. Oh... :) I love McKay. He truly is so amazing. I know it is hard for him to be back, but I am happy to see him. Life throws unexpected curves and he is handling this the best he can. We may not understand it now, but Heavenly Father has a purpose for him being home and I am anxious to see why that is. I love McKay. I love you too Kiley for keeping this blog up. You are such a good sister. :)