Wednesday, August 18, 2010

He lives!..In Canada

Hey Fam! So the last few days have been the most crazy I have ever had. I'm opening up an area with my new comp. Elder Judd he is from Arizona. He is exactly what I was hoping for in a comp. our area is this small town about three hours away from Edmonoton.(Of course he doesnt give us a name!) There are so many pine trees around me I dont know what to with myself, there are bear warning signs, we have seen moose and deer all over. This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. When you open the window the smell of pine is sooo strong! hahaha. But how I found out where I was going is a fun story they had all the new missionaries interview with the mission pres. and he then chose where he wanted us to go. So the next day we would have a huge missionary transfer meeting with most of the missionaries in the mission. The mission pres. called us up and gave us an envelope to read out loud in front of every one. When I read where my new comp and I would be going every one was like o man for real! I think they were all mad I get to open up an area haha. Also my new comp is German speaking so we went to a lesson with German people and I had no idea what was going on. But they have this branch out here and they just got a new branch pres. because the last one told every ones problems to the branch... he is in huge trouble. Any way they lost a lot of people in the branch because of it so my comp. and I have had a lot of work to do. We have about 5 to 7 new investigators and we have been here 4 days! We are asking some one to get baptized tonight! Mom, Dad this is so crazy to me. I have so much to say but cant say it all! haha the other day we were just getting done tracking and we were all ready late it was past our curfew, we had no luck at all, so as we were heading back for the car I had this strong prompting to go to this one last house. I didnt know why but I did. so I said "Elder Judd I feel we need to go to this house." We went and they wanted to meet with us again and were really interested! The spirit can guide you so much and its so crazy! Elder Judd and I had a meeting with the branch pres and his councilors who were the same ones as before, they are not very organized, they didnt even know their home teaching numbers they guessed it was about 20 percent!! So I had to be the MEAN Elder and lecture them the entire time. We need their help! I think we were sent down here to run the place! Haha but any way could you guys send this to Tash and Dave and their family's because I dont have time I have to go! I love you guys so much you are in my prayers! love you guys!

So my Grandma is jealous because of all the pine trees and David is SOOOO Jealous because he always wanted to open up a new area in his mission and never got to! Our McKay is such an amazing boy! He is doing so well! I love forcing people to come to this blog so they can see how amazing my little brother is. I am so incredibly proud of him! I am a very lucky sister!

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