Friday, August 6, 2010

Hurray for More Letters!

Hey Everyone! Another letter from the cutest Elder in the world! He sounds so great! It is so fun to read about all the changes in him! He is really such an amazing Elder! He is learning so much!

hey every one im writing you all over email i dont have a lot of time! O i was sick all week and my temp. got up to 101 or 102 im still sick, but i went to the health clinic at the mtc and they are going to be charging you 10 bucks :) haha i would be getting better but i have no time. The doctor wants me to go rest, but i cant do it on the lords time. I have learned so much this week but theres one thing i really feel strong to share. Its about something I have had a problem with my entire life and something i feel everyone in the world has a little problem with and its pride. I read a talk about it just a few days ago. There's a quick quote i want to share by C.S. Lewis. "pride gets no pleasure out of having something. Only out of having more of it then the next man... it is the comparison that makes you proud: the pleasure of being above the rest. Once the element of competition has gone." that hit hard with me! That described everything i used to be, and it made me so sad. It makes me want to pull all my hair out! We can not have the spirit with us if we have pride. There's a few other things i want to share from the talk that i wrote down. "The proud depend upon the world to tell them whether they have value or not. Their self-esteem is determined be where they are judged to be on the ladders of worldly success. They feel worthwhile as individuals of the numbers beneath them in achievement, talent, beauty, or intellect are large enough pride is ugly. It says if you succeed i am a failure." Family DONT YOU EVER LET ANY ONE telll you that your not good enough. You are all the most amazing chosen spirits in the eys of God. I love you guys so much, and it brings tears to my eyes to live in a world that cares more about what the next person thinks over what are God, are loving heavenly father thinks! He loves us, he cares more about us then i care about Johnathan, Anna, Payton, Jake, and Wes. I hope that you guys can really think about this and never again feel pride in your hearts. Pride is not a broken heart and contrite spirit. I just want you guys to know im doing really good. I leave for Canada on Tuesday at 3:00 in the morning there's a lay over in Colorado and then we go from there to Canada. My p- days should be Monday but im not sure. I hope everything is going good at home. I'll write as much as i can. I might be able to call you guys in the lay over in Colorado. I just showed everyone in my district pictures of you guys and it made me so home sick. So i dont know if im ready to call and hear your voices. Im a girl when it comes to being away from my family, but its not fair everyone in my district got a year in college away from their family so their all doing a lot better then me. Thank everyone for the mail and everything your sending me im getting twice as much as anyone in my district, they would be mad if i didnt share everything you guys send. haha. O and i think my friends hate me because i sent them back letters and i accidentally put my mtc address on the sending spot of the letter so everything came back to me. Haha but i love you guys so much again.

love elder bailey

We love him to pieces!!!

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